about uzi

Introducing Uzi Fride: a new Polish brand of contemporary and innovative handmade fashion designs using traditional, loom-woven wool.  

From dyeing the wool, to weaving it on looms, Uzi collaborates with true artists in this field. Each of these rich, woven fabrics has its own unique variation in color and pattern of stripes; no two are ever the same! In fact, this fabric became the inspiration behind Uzi Fride designs; to use this art in every day life - by wearing it!

Uzi Fride offers high quality garments for women with a collection of skirts, tops, and dresses in both casual and sophisticated styles.   

Uzi Fride’s ready-to-wear collection can be purchased online, or customers have the option of tailor-making their own garments using our customization application. Customers can be assured that all custom clothing orders are carefully handmade by artists - ensuring the same high quality and attention to detail.